Meryem’s solo project, On My Way, is an introduction to her diverse sonic universe as an artist seeking refuge, guidance and solace in music. The mixtape, co-produced with composer and producer Mario Sevigny, is infused with first account stories of love, determination, struggle, social commentary and displacement. Upbeat, fun, and moving, the project came together organically, creating a sound that bridges influences from both sides of the atlantic.

She is part of the multi-lingual super group Nomadic Massive, which has been voted as the top hip hop act in Montreal for five years in a row. With Nomadic Massive, she has opened for Mos Def, Deltron 3030, Wyclef Jean, Public Enemy and Busta Rhymes to name a few. Meryem has performed internationally both with Nomadic Massive, The Narcicyst and as a solo artist in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Canada and the United States.

She recently collaborated on the legendary french Hip Hop Group IAM’s new Album ‘Revolution’ with the song ‘Bien plus beau’ that was featured on the Netflix Original “Iron Fist” from Marvel.


Meryem is a passionate change maker and remains actively involved with different community and charity events, performing and hosting writing workshops at North American high schools and universities. She is frequently invited as a speaker to talk about her experiences as a refugee and a musician.








On my way  (2017)



Nomadic Massive: Nomad's Land (2006), Nomadic Massive (2009),  Supafam (2012), The Big Band Theory (2016)



Nomads Land EP (2004),  Any Sound (2013)



The Narcicyst ( We are the Medium, Leap of Faith, El Nargisse, World War Free Now!)        

Sundus Abdul Hadi ‘Warchestra

AKHenaton  ‘Je suis en vie

IAM ‘Revolution




on my way mixtape 


“On My Way” relays countless hours of love, sweat and tears. This mixtape came together after a few years of writing and recording, while running between my day job and Nomadic Massive’s recording and show schedule. It is a  full-length record, gathering the eclectic flavor of my influences. The first song was recorded in 2012 and the whole mixtape finally came together in April 2016. “Ain’t Messing with Me” was written in 2006 when I was 19. “Float”, which was originally recorded as a feature with The Narcicyst in 2010, is a smooth R&B groove to express the delectable taste of love mixed with the fear of losing the love that inflames the passion and the high experienced while falling. This mixtape is a testimony of urban contemporary sounds, seasoned with primal and traditional influences from my native Maghreb.


“On My Way” is a mixtape for my listeners. It has themes and grooves carefully selected to uplift them when they’re feeling low from the chaos of the world, and the rollercoaster of love and aspirations. Through this mixtape, I want my listeners to feel like they’re taking a walk with the me and making stops at my favorite sonic landscapes. With every song, I want my listeners to discover a different side of me, which gives them a glimpse into my story. The mixtape’s title “On My Way” was inspired by the 9th track of the same title because it held the tone and purpose of the project: I’m on my way to becoming the greatest version of myself; I’m on my way to see you; I’m on my way to tear down walls and open doors to endless possibility; I’m on my way to fulfill my promise.


Executive producers: Mario Sevigny,  Meryem Saci


Producers- composers - arrangers:

Mario Sevigny (Overall production and arrangements, Solo prods: Twisted and Ain’t messing with me)

Meryem Saci (On my way + Most Arrangements for the project)

Caulder Nash (Concrete Jungle, Float)

Malika Tirolien (Wannado)

Rhys (This too Shall Pass)

Rodzang (Good life)

Dr Mad (Foolish Heart)


Invited musicians:

Caulder Nash (keys)

Joe Lorgis, Young Chuck and Mark Haynes (Bass)

Raffy (Horns)

Djam (Gumbri, Guitar, vocals)

XWAM (Beatbox)



Djam (On my way)

Tali Taliwah (This too shall pass)

Bouba Kirikou (Deracine)